How Does HideMyAI Compare To Other Undetectable AI Content Services?

Updated: July 21, 2023
By: HideMyAI Staff

In this article, we'll compare the HideMYAI tool with other services and methods that people use to make AI content more humanlike.

For this comparison, we'll use content generated on ChatGPT (free), using the prompt: "Write me one PhD level paragraph about the domestication of dogs".

This is the output of roughly ~150 words. It's good content, but it's apparent that it's written by ChatGPT, even by an untrained eye. Once passed through a leading detector tool, it's even more apparent with a 100% AI score.

After passing it though the HideMyAI tool, the reworded content now scores a 98% originality score (with no human editing). The wordcount has also increased slightly.

Compared To ChatGPT Prompting

Many people try and tune the ChatGPT output to sound more human-like by using prompting techniques. For example, here's how I got the following output: "Write it like a human would, DO NOT SOUND like output from a LLM. Be unique, include grammar errors, and humanize your output. It should be undetectable by AI detector tools."

But now, it just sounds like an AI pretending to be a teenage girl. And the AI scanner sees right through it, scoring it as 100% AI generated:

Compared To Undetectable AI

Undetectable AI is a SaaS tool that people use to create human-like content. It's similar to HideMyAI, except a bit more limited.

HideMyAI supports many more parameters - you can select the type of writing, the writing level, and the generator you used to create the content.

For Pro users, there is also support for multiple languages including Spanish and French (this is in public beta at the time of writing this article) and bulk document uploading (perfect for SEOs), something that Undetectable doesn't support.

Compared the the Undetectable.AI, HideMyAI outputs are a lot more coherent, natural and undetectable, though this sometimes results in a lower wordcount than the input.

In this AI detection scan for the Undetectable AI, you can see that their output scores a 64% Original score, compared to the HideMYAI score of 98% Original. This is a common difference, regardless of our output settings (this example was Level: Secondary School, Type: Essay, Generator: ChatGPT).

Undetectable AI Output

The domestication of dogs has been a journey of coexistence and development, between humans and canids leaving a lasting impact on history and culture. This process has been ongoing for thousands of years shaping the characteristics, behavior and cognitive abilities of both species. While there is debate about when and where domestication began most evidence suggests that wolves were the ancestors of dogs. The initial connection between humans and wolves was likely based on benefits like improved hunting skills and protection. Throughout time humans selectively bred dogs to enhance traits resulting in a variety of breeds suited for different purposes and environments. The [etc...]

HideMyAI Output

The relationship between people and dogs is really remarkable when you think about it. Dogs have been around with humans for a super long time, like at least 20,000 years ago, maybe even 40000 years ago. That's a crazy long time ago! This whole thing changed both humans and dogs a lot and it definitely shaped how dogs look and act now compared to their wolf ancestors. While experts don't totally agree on how it all started, it seems pretty clear that wolves and people started hanging out because it helped both groups - humans got help with hunting and protection, and dogs got food and shelter and stuff. Over many, many generations humans picked out the wolves that had traits they liked [etc...]

The HideMyAI team consists of AI researchers with a mission of making AI content sound more human, and we retrain our models/process at least once a week. That means our Humanized Content can be the best on the market, beating competitors and AI detectors alike.

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