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What are Words Per Month?

Words Per Month (WPM) are also called credits.

1 credit = 1 word to process. For example, if you have an 800 word document that needs to be processed, it will cost 800 credits to do so.

All plans are based on Words Per Month. The more WPM you subscribe to, the lower the cost per word (there's a volume discount). Subscribe to the annual plan for an even steeper discount.

Is there a difference between Monthly and Annual?

The pro monthly plan costs a bit more on a $ to Words-Per-Month (WPM) basis. Every month, your payment method is charged, and your WPM limit is reset.

The pro annual plan offers the steepest discount (up to 40% off compared to monthly). You pay for 1 year. Every month, your WPM is reset to the predefiend limit.

Both billing intervals unlock all pro features.

If you ever need to process more words, you can always contact us to add more Words Per Month to your subscription, or buy Pay As You Go words via your account portal.

Can I manage my subscription at any time?

Yes. Subscriptions are managed via Stripe. You're able to cancel or pause your subscription at any time via a self service portal.

You can also work with our support to add more Words Per Month to an existing subscription.

What's the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time using the self service portal. 

After canceling, you will no longer be charged. 

You will be able to continue processing content and have access to your subscription credits/wpm until the end of your billing cycle.

How does HideMyAI compare to other tools?

There are other AI humanizers / undetectable AI tools on the market. Our platform offers unique features (bulk process, multilingual, etc...) at the lowest price.

Our outputs are the most human, and have been proven to score higher on AI Detectors like GPTZero, compared to competitors outputs. More info.

We leverage custom AI models to process our content which are constantly updated to offer the most human content that remains undetectable by leading AI Detectors.

Do you offer a free trial?

When you sign up for a free account, we deposit Pay As You Go credits into your account, which can be used to get a feel for our platform.

Do you offer lifetime access?

We do not offer lifetime access to pro features. However, we do offer Pay As You Go Credits to registered accounts, which don't expire. View pricing here. PAYG credits cost more than subscription. For both credit types, 1 credit = 1 word submitted for processing.

If you would like pro features, you need to subscribe to a pro plan.

How does the undetectable guarantee work?

We stand by our product. If your content can't beat the leading Al detectors, report it in our platform. If we verify the claim, we'll refund your credits. Terms and Information.

We Guarantee That Your AI Content Will Be Undetectable, Or Your Credits Back

We stand by our product. If your content can't beat the leading AI detectors, report it in our platform. If we verify the claim, we'll refund your credits. Terms and Information.
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